The best possible computer sound!

How Bang & Olufsen and HP teamed up to take the sound of personal computers to the next level.


When HP and Bang & Olufsen came together earlier this year the mission was clear: bring the best possible sound to personal computers by utilizing HP’s knowledge of PCs and Bang & Olufsen’s s knowledge of speakers.

A close cooperation between HP and Bang & Olufsen’s acoustical engineers ensued. By using advanced, sophisticated equipment to measure the frequency output of the speakers, together with intense listening to the actual sound, the right balance was found for each model.

When testing and tuning we looked for a balanced response, flattening out large peaks and other fluctuations in the frequency response in order to provide a clear and straightforward sound experience.

This procedure allows for more diversity in the music taste and genres that customers prefer.

And once you power up your HP, you can select and customize various audio enhancements to match your own personal sound preferences.

Choose the VOICE mode to improve intelligibility, which is useful particularly in noisy environments. The MOVIE mode enhances the sound width for a better immersion and envelopment while also providing clear speech by improving the central audio image.

The MUSIC mode on the other hand is a completely neutral and straightforward profile, designed to give you just what the artists intended when they recorded the material in the studios.

Whatever the sound you experience from your HP, it has been carefully tuned so all you will have to do is lean back and enjoy.

Posted on: 31st July 2015 By Kristian Vincent Dedenroth
Category: News

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